About Us

Innogrind Vietnam Co., Ltd. was formed towards the end of 2019 to establish a direct link supply chain to Corporations / Endusers in Vietnam and regional countries with the general direction of providing high quality Super Abrasives, Diamond Tools and Abrasives products specializing in surface preparations to meet their requirement from our 50 years of manufacturing experienced.

At Innogrind , we strive to provide the best solutions and stringent quality products to meet the critical requirement of our customers to finish their products with high efficiency and maintaining stable operating cost through our product usage competitively. Our Marketing Sales and Engineers are fully dedicated to commit with the latest technology in manufacturing processes and efficient logistical operations. dây an toàn

With more than 40 bond systems, 7 types of wheel body material and more than 4000 wheel specs available, Our experienced engineers are always ready to provide customers the application assistance and Tech support. For all the inquires, feedback or any other requirements, we always response within 24 hours. We could provide the improved products upon customer′s feedback quickly.

With all of our advantage and our continuous hard working in R&D, the improvement of our producing&testing facility and cost decreasing, E-Grind will always provide customers the products with the best price-to-performance.

Our product ranges have gain recognition with local Vietnamese industries in Toolmaking , Ceramics & Quartz , Automotive , Woodworking  , Gem stones , Stone & Mining , Precision Parts manufacturing, etc….