Human Resource Philosophy

“People are the most valuable asset of InnoGrind™”

We keep this in mind during our efforts. At InnoGrind™, we devote maximum attention and investment to a human resource with both “quality” and “quality”.  Simply, for us, human resources is the central factor determining the success or failure of InnoGrind™

People: invaluable assets of InnoGrind™

The achievements of InnoGrind™ during the past years are always motivated by the quality human resources of the company. In the early days of its establishment, InnoGrind™ group of companies had only 50 officials and employees.

Up to now, after years of continuous development, our affiliates have deeply understood our human philosophy. Our assets today are young, dynamic, creative, honest, hard-working staff, plus a serious and professional working attitude.

For new employees, InnoGrind™ always allocates the first 1 – 3 days to create a friendly, friendly atmosphere through talks about regimes and policies of the company. During the 3-month probationary period, we always pay close attention to new employees on training, fostering, product knowledge and market demands.

When officially accepted to work, each member of InnoGrind™ is given the opportunity to continue to cultivate and develop the skills necessary to constantly improve their professional skills and competencies.

People: Motivation of development

With the human philosophy as the driving force of development, the goal of InnoGrind™ is to create a professional and humane working environment. There, all employees are always happy, passionate about work, constantly creating, promoting their competencies, loving each other, living responsibly with oneself, family, and company. and society.

Because of the people-centric policy, InnoGrind™ staff is always attached to each stage of the company’s development. Many of them have been with InnoGrind™ going through a difficult period from the first days of establishment and will certainly continue to accompany the development of InnoGrind™ in the future.

The talent, creativity and dedication of employees are always considered by us as a key factor for the development of the company. Believing that “people are the core value of the company”, we create every opportunity for them to develop their capabilities. We hope quality human resources will continue to create infinite potential for InnoGrind™ to achieve success.