Good policy creates a strong InnoGrind ™

With a good policy concept that is the basis for assessing the growth of businesses, InnoGrind ™ always associates revenue growth in parallel with creating conditions for all members of the company to enjoy the optimal working regime.

At InnoGrind ™, we always prioritize investment in technical facilities to improve working conditions, help employees feel secure to contribute. Becoming a member of InnoGrind ™ means that you will be working in a professional environment, dynamic promotion opportunities and worthy compensation. We always create equal opportunities for all members to strive, promote their best ability and connect with each other by the affection of attachment, love, sharing as the family.

We believe that the friendly working environment and the preeminent policies of InnoGrind ™ are applied, which will help the members always work together and help each other develop together.

Wage policy

Each member of InnoGrind ™ is entitled to a satisfactory salary regime based on job performance. We use the salary policy as an important lever to motivate each member to actively work, contributing to increasing the business efficiency for the company.

Salary policy is also considered by us as a measure for employee contributions to the company. The concern of InnoGrind ™ management is how to build a salary system commensurate with the efforts of employees. Each year, we seriously organize the evaluation process, consider adjusting the periodic salary increase for employees.

Career development roadmap

InnoGrind ™ not only encourages employees to be creative in a friendly working environment, but also develops specific career paths for each job position. With this roadmap, every employee knows what ladder he / she is on the career path and needs to equip with the knowledge and skills to develop expertise and competencies and to advance to positions. higher.

The requirements for each position in the company are made specifically by the job description table so that each member can capture and constantly improve himself. For each position, there will be salary, bonus, allowance and commensurate.

InnoGrind ™ sees training as a way to support each member’s career development process, and furthermore it is a way to add value to the company. Therefore, all members of InnoGrind ™ are encouraged to improve their skills and qualifications.

We are always ready to create favorable conditions for employees to learn and improve their professional skills through on-the-spot training and overseas training. In parallel with inviting professors and experts directly to the company to teach and transfer knowledge, every year, we always create opportunities for engineers to learn and gain experience through practical projects. at home and abroad.

We have also focused on updating new knowledge for employees, especially on the application of engineering design software, to help employees keep up with the rapid development of the software industry. world and job optimization.

In addition, in the course of work, InnoGrind ™ also organizes special courses to improve management skills, teamwork skills for leaders from deputy chiefs and above. We consider this a reasonable step to prepare the adjacent management team, creating promotion opportunities for potential employees in the company.

Reward policy

InnoGrind ™ has a bonus and welfare policy with many incentives for employees. We consider rewarding policy as one of the motivations for employees to perform well. The reward fund is used by us to directly reward collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements and well fulfill the tasks assigned by the company.

At the end of each year, based on the periodic evaluation of the departments, we will have the corresponding bonus for each employee. This award is absolutely fair for each position, task and effort that each InnoGrind ™ member has contributed. Our desire is to create a healthy emulation environment, promote sustainable development company.

Insurance & Health Policy

With the goal of protecting and providing necessary medical support for employees when they are ill, when risks and ensuring their life after the working age, InnoGrind ™ always considers insurance and medical policies. This is an inevitable part of the company’s operations. Currently, the types of InnoGrind ™ insurance for employees include: Social Insurance, Health Insurance and 24-hour Accident Insurance (aka “InnoGrind ™ -Care 24h” Insurance). 24-hour accident insurance is a special form of insurance completely paid by the company and not all companies have it. In addition, to ensure employee health, every year, the company often organizes a periodic health check for all employees.