Welcome to InnoGrind™!

InnoGrind™ not only opens to you with an exciting job, but it also provides you with exciting experiences and career development opportunities.

Joining InnoGrind™, you will become an official member of the company and support experiences, along with sharing with customers & social partners.

Staff at InnoGrind™

Joining InnoGrind™ staff will give you the opportunity to work in a professional, dynamic, ideal environment, promotion opportunities and good compensation policies. You can unleash your passion for the profession, with a variety of career options, you will find job satisfaction and personal growth at InnoGrind™. We will assist you to become a professional staff.

If you believe that you have good qualities that can contribute and add value to InnoGrind™ and wish to stay with and grow with the company, we welcome you.


At this moment, we are hiring new staff. We will update soon . . .