Abrasive Cloth
Abrasive Clothes are widely used in the grinding of large planar thick and thin sheets and strips, grinding of various metal and non-metal workpieces produced in large quantities, forming grinding and polishing of complex surface workpieces, cylindrical grinding of metal pipes, rods and rolls of various diameters and word formation, electroplating grinding tools industry, large shell, box, vehicle shell and hull. Grinding welds and deburring of bridges, etc. From the general trend, abrasive cloth and sandpaper will be more applied and promoted in more fields.

Innogrind can provide abrasive belts, sheets, rolls etc with different coasting density and size.

Basis information:

A, WA, PA, BFA, SiC,

Grit size

J-wt cloth, X-wt cloth, Y-wt cloth, C-wt paper, D-wt paper, E-wt paper

Coating Density
Simi-open coated, closed coated, special coated

Belt, Roll, Disc, Wheel, Sheet

Soft and hard wood, glass, stone, paint, and all kinds of metal

Grit size, dimensions can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Photos of coated abrasive products

The manufacturing technology of abrasive belt is complex. In short, it can be divided into three major steps.

Imported Production Line

Flexing Machine

Normal Products for different industries

Wood Grinding
Wood Grinding

Metal Grinding
Metal Grinding

Non-ferrous Grinding
Non-ferrous Grinding

Auto industry Grinding
Auto industry Grinding

Application cases:

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