Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels


Innogrind can provide full range of diamond and CBN grinding wheels, in the bond type of resin bond, vitrified bond, metal bond, hybrid bond and electroplated bond, the main industries we serve include woodworking, cutting tool, air compressor, automobile, oil&gas, semiconductor, glass, die&tooling, paper-making, bearing and so on.

Our factory has 40 years experience in Superabrasive industry, and with capacity of 30,000pcs of diamond and CBN wheels per month.

Besides, diamond and CBN grinding wheels, we also provide grinding solutions to our customer for increasing the production efficiency and decreasing cost.

The materials can be ground by diamond and CBN wheels


Diamond grinding wheels: for machining tungsten carbide, ceramic materials, magnetic materials, silicon materials, thermal spraying alloy materials, PCD&PCBN etc.

CBN grinding wheels: for machining High speed steel, cast iron, hardened steel, stainless steel etc.


Cores Materials:

A variety of cores are available, including:

  • Aluminum         • Steel
  • Composite         • Bakelite
  • Abrasive           • Copper
  • Powdered Aluminum • powdered copper

Superabrasive grit size and Workpiece surface finish


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