Non-woven wheel

Non-Woven Wheels are also named as nylon wheels, are made from silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, resin and polishing fibers. Mainly used for all kinds of metal surface finishing, as well as non-metallic materials, such as wood, stone, glass, plastic, etc

Available color: White, Red, Brown, Black, Blue, Green

Available size:

Thickness 0.5-10cm
Bore hole 10cm/15cm/20cm/25cm/30cm
Diameter 5cm-500cm

Available grit size: 50#\100#\150#\200#\300#\400#\500#\800#\1000#\1500#/ 2000#\3000#\White Buff\Black Buff

Advantages of our non-Woven wheels

  1. High cost-effective.
  2. Fast delivery time.
  3. Wet and dry application.
  4. Customized sizes are available

Safety Instruction

  • pay attention to safety guidance
  • wear protective gloves
  • wear goggles
  • wear ear protection
  • wear protective masks
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