Diamond micro powder is a new type of super hard and ultra-fine abrasive formed by a special process of synthetic diamond single crystal, which is ideal raw material for lapping and polishing high hardness materials such as cemented carbide, ceramics, gemstones, optical glass, etc. Diamond products are tools and components made of diamond materials, which thus are widely used. And diamond powder and products are widely used in automobile, machinery, electronics, aviation, aerospace, optical instruments, glass, ceramics, petroleum, geology and other departments. With the continuous development of technology and products, the application scope of diamond powder and its products is still expanding.


Ultra-fine diamond powder is easy to agglomerate and possesses poor dispersion performance, which makes many of its superior properties unable to be fully exerted. Whether the excellent properties of ultra-fine diamond powder can be fully exerted depends on whether the ultra-fine diamond powder can be evenly and stably dispersed in the medium and maintain a stable state of dispersion and suspension.

Because of the small particle size, the large specific surface area, the high surface energy and the lack of coordination atoms on the surface of ultra-fine powder, there are a lot of unsaturated bonds on the surface of the particles, which possess high surface activity and are in a very unstable state of thermodynamics, and they are prone to spontaneous agglomeration. In addition, van der Waals force and electrostatic force between particles and surface tension of solvent in suspension not only make it easy to agglomerate between particles in the process of preparation and post-treatment, but also make the particle size larger, form secondary particles, and finally produce spatial effect to enhance exclusion, that is to say, the method of improving particle surface potential to improve the dispersion of diamond micro powder will lose the special functions of ultra-fine particles, which thus greatly hinder the full play of the advantages of ultra-fine powder.

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