In the automotive industry, the amount of consumption of aluminum alloy materials and other non-ferrous metal alloy materials, such as plastic materials, synthetic carbon fiber materials, glass fiber materials and bonding materials is increasing, and that of diamond coated tools is also increasing as well. Polycrystalline diamond cutters are tool materials which are often used to cut high hardness materials in recent years. Moreover, it has better performance than carbide tool in wood processing industry.

The machining cost of polycrystalline diamond cutter is very high, and the price of its roughcast is also very expensive. The cutting operation with polycrystalline diamond cutters is time-consuming and laborious, and the rejection rate is quite high. In addition to the manufacturing errors of geometry and size, due to the high brittleness of polycrystalline diamond materials, it is very easy to break the gap on the cutting edge, which is the description of the difficulty in polycrystalline diamond cutters production and processing from precision tool manufacturers. In the development of polycrystalline diamond cutters, it is possible to solve such a problem more economically and with higher quality.

Polycrystalline diamond is a kind of sintered synthetic diamond billet. It has the structure shape of metal cutting tool, and is made of hard material (tungsten carbide). This kind of metal-based cutting material has a certain conductivity, which makes it possible for polycrystalline diamond cutting tools to be electro-corrosive wire cutting or electro-corrosive machining. One of the important tasks of electrochemical etching is to process qualified blades on sintered polycrystalline diamond roughcasts. Another problem that needs to be solved in the electrochemical etching machining is that the polycrystalline diamond cutter installed in the cutter body has to be grinded again to make it sharper.

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